03 August 2008

Market Forces At Work

The SiteMeter dilemma that sent shock waves through the blogging world has been resolved, apparently.

Interestingly, many people said the obvious solution was to install Mozilla Firefox. Now while Firefox is a much better browser than Internet Explorer, there is dilemma many face. Since IE has been the 800 pound gorilla, and business and enterprise knows that the vast majority of the known world uses IE, there are a number of sites that do not support Firefox.

In my case, for my business, there is a much important Multiple Listing Service that I am unable to access from my home office with Firefox. And for now, the MLS has no immediate plans to support Firefox. So I still rely on Internet Explorer. This is far more common than most people realize.

But as I told a handful of bloggers, and blog readers yesterday who emailed or called me, merely switching over to Firefox (while a good idea) would not solve the real problem. And Microsoft, maker of IE, was not going to patch things to help SiteMeter and some bloggers. Why should they? Again, they are the 800 pound gorilla that expects others to cowtow to them.

No, I predicted, once SiteMeter realizes that most of the blogging world is removing their product from their sites, in order that their sites continue to work, SiteMeter will fix the problem that IE created. As I expected, SiteMeter solved the issue and all is well and good with the blog visitor counting world this morning.

Market forces at work. I should charge a fee for my predictions next time.


lucy said...

Oh yee wise one...we bow to your superior knowledge (insert gaggging noises here)

Brent Greer said...

You know what they say? Everybody likes a little a$$, but no one likes a smart ass.....