30 August 2008

Cool Observation Of The Day

Two dads, five boys, the side of a large corregated cardboard box as a target, and three AirSoft guns, all properly equipped with orange tipped barrels (two pistols and one shotgun).

Kids policing the ground for spent "rounds" of those little foam beads the guns shoot. No one shooting at each other or at animals, or even pointing these toys at each other.

And get this. All of this taking place in plain view in the middle of a large city park in north Columbus. A couple of people with kids moved away quickly as they walked or rode a bike into the area, clearly being afraid of boys being boys with toys that boys and girls have played with for over 100 years (well, toy guns that is; AirSoft is a new creation).

No worries about political correctness or concern of offending anyone. Just plain good weekend fun on a hot summer afternoon.

It was nice to see.

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