02 August 2008

Shooting Sports A Big Part of Olympics, Big Draw For Fans Around The World

Sprinters, swimmers and tumblers in sequined leotards may drive T.V. ratings in the U.S., but there are at least five lesser-known Olympic disciplines that draw rabid fans around the world, according to Time magazine.

Could the shooting sports be one of them? YES!

Time has a brief write up on who is expected to clean up in the shooting medal count.

BTW, did you know that in the 1900 Olympics in Paris, live pigeons were used as targets? It was news to me!

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Anonymous said...

I just returned from a 4600 mile car trip with the kiddies from Columbus that included a tour of the Olympic training complex in Colorado Springs.

We toured the shooting complex (which was very cool, by the way), and looked at the targets they use. This may be common knowledge (I've never been much of a sporting shooter), but the bulls-eye on the 10 meeter target is roughly the size of a period made by a typewriter! Holy smokes. The 10-ring was only the size of a golf ball...


A, Esq.