20 August 2008

When Your Argument Is Failing . . .

You hype and hype and hype, and obfuscate, of course, until the unwashed masses don't know what to think.

Some anti gun show brainwashing taking place along the Mass Pike.


Brigid said...

I'm still dumbfounded by a forum comment left about my post about Obama and the Second Amendment. A young, college graduate said "guns should not be allowed in the hands of citizens because people do stupid things with them, like Chief Wiggims, opening peanuts with the butt of his gun."

Chief Wiggims is a CARTOON CHARACTER.

Wil E. Coyote does dangerous things with Acme products, does that mean I shouldn't order a Acme Cuisinart. Might use it as a weapon?

BobG said...

Hard to believe that much BS can fit on one billboard.