15 August 2008

Ohio: Robber Goes For Victim, Gets Lead Instead

Potential victim carrying thousands of dollars. Instead, the bad guy learned that more and more good guys legally carry self defense sidearms.

Details are here.

h/t to Buckeye Firearms Association


Anonymous said...

I tell myself often that carrying my 5-shot j-frame will be fine, but here's a case where the good guy shot 6 times, and still didn't put the guy down (maybe he's down now, but he drove away). I guess it was a "successful" SD effort, but is that partially luck? Doesn't sound like the BG was forced to stop...

I'm going to try hard to carry my new 14-shot 9mm more often (the one I bought at the Columbus gun show the day I finally met you!).

Take care,
A, Esq.

Sparrow said...

OT -- Here's an interesting development in the world of self-defense.

You gotta love Texas!

Brent Greer said...

A- one answer to the "fired six shots and missed dilemma." . . . . practice, practice, practice!!!

Enjoy you new self defense sidearm!

Brent Greer said...

Not a bad idea....that teachers and superintendants are even considering the possibility is good for citizen safety, and for protecting kids. Thanks for writing! Good contest this past week!