12 August 2008

CHICAGO: Area Mall Shooting Investigation Takes Turn; Survey of 1st -8th Graders Reflects Dangerous Policies of Mayor Daley

Two interesting stories out of Chicagoland this month:

First, police sources say there are two working theories about the deadly shooting at a shopping mall in Tinley Park, Illinois - a Chicago suburb. One theory is that the mall murders are related to another group of murders. And second, that another angle is of financial wrongdoings at a defunct Texas church. One of the victims in the mall shooting was the church's former associate pastor.

Second, the Chicago Sun-Times is out with a story claiming that "half of all fifth through eighth graders" are afraid of being shot.

A shocking story. But then . . . CAN YOU BLAME THEM? Considering that their parents, grandparents and caregivers are not permitted to legally use -- let alone possess -- the most effective tool available to protect them. The better question is for Mayor Daley, who should be asked why he supports anti-victim, pro-criminal policies that give Chicago children nightmares?

What say you, Mr. Mayor? Please explain to these children why YOUR policies are causing them such stress! Do it . . . please? . . . for the children?

Note: Read the survey itself. I've worked statistical analysis, and these questions are so leading that most researchers would not possibly stand behind them, support them that is, without smirking (or being embarrassed).

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