07 August 2008

Bloomberg 'Quizzes' Prez Candidates

Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain have each received questionnaires from the Michael Bloomberg-funded "Mayors Against Illegal Guns."

Whatever an illegal gun is, but that's a question for another day . . .

Regardless, the simple, six-question survey is described as a document to help the candidates focus on "common sense steps necessary to fix the nation’s broken background check system." The question is: "who's" version of common sense?

And as another blogger friend of mine has noted more than once, the anti-gun approaches are rarely common nor do they have sense.

Check out the full story, and view the "survey," all courtesy of the NY Daily News.

Bloomberg has made no bones about his distaste for lawful firearms ownership, and repeatedly has thumbed his nose at the benefits of firearms for self defense. While the name of his group sounds all powerful, in reality he is the money behind it, and he needs the buy-in of other anti-self defense mayors to give his effort credibility.

Its too bad the MSM/legacy media are all too willing to lend a free hand without asking reasonable questions as to his motivations.

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