13 August 2008

Denver Protesters' Future May Involve Cages, Sting of Stun Guns

Visitors to Denver, attending the Democratic National Convention, won't find moats or castles. But they'll find something resembling a medevil torture chamber.

Cages, yes. Oh yes, cages-a-plenty!

Cat-of-nine-tails? Not that I'm aware of. The rack? Not likely, though I'm sure The Left feels George W. Bush probably keeps one in the basement of the White House.

But stun guns . . . oh yes, there will stun guns.


lucy said...

Mr. Greer,
You know...there are some people who like that sort of thing and probably got all excited reading your post.

Brent Greer said...

Haha...yes there probably are. What if Catwoman showed up in Denver with a whip; hmmm...would that quell any protests from the Left? Seriously, most of the protests expected at the DNC are from Left-wing groups that don't think today's democrats are far left enough. Should be interesting. Thanks for writing!