09 August 2008

Columbus Gun Show: Day One A Success

Updated: Sunday, August 10, 2008, 6:25 am -- Hey, it would be too cool if "The Nuge" stopped by today. Especially seeing how he was in Columbus late last night entertaining at the Ohio State Fair. Who knows?????

The return of the Columbus Gun Show went off generally without a hitch. A few hiccups here and there, but a good crowd through today at the first show to take place within the city limits in 19 years. There were some older visitors looking around wistfully . . . talking how surreal it was to be back at Franklin County Veterans Memorial. Many of these people attended what everyone assumed would be the last ever -- FINAL -- gun show to take place within the city confines back in 1989. To see the happy looks on their faces was most enjoyable.

First off, congrats to Steve and Annette Elliot for a fantastic first day! The partnership that has been forged between C&E/ShowMasters Gun Shows, and Peoples Rights Organization, I predict, will be strong.

Secondly, I ran into many old friends. Steve and Bill Bangert from Utica, Ohio were there until closing; A. Esq., a frequent commenter to this blog stopped by and introduced himself; Michael, a fellow hunter and fellow real estate agent I met years ago when he relocated to Ohio stopped by and said hello; I visited at length with Steve Loos from Buckeye Firearms Association; Pat Cherry, the venerable coach of the Ohio State Rifle Team (and an individual who has coached Olympic athletes and shooters from various national teams) and I had a great visit; and Jim Corbett, a great guy who has invited me to hunt on his place at New Matamoras, Ohio more times than you can imagine came up from his Ohio River home to take in the show.

I also talked to a number of vendors and attendees, and had the great pleasure to converse with many visitors who wanted to catch up, and see what is happening in politics. There were even some who wanted to stop in and find out what is happening with a certain former show manager who many would like to see hung in the public square by his nether regions. Of course, several of this same individual's minions could not keep themselves away from the show.

Along with a number of Peoples Rights Organization volunteers, I worked the NRA and Peoples Rights Organization table, and did some door/ticket duty. C&E/ShowMasters has a great concept. Join the NRA or PRO, and get into the show free. At one point there were people standing four-deep to join one of these two organizations.

I will be back tomorrow. A great crew today: Roland Millar, Randy Van Fossan, Mike Regan, Matt Grashel, David Zimmerman, Matt (sorry, last name is escaping me), Terry (same problem, sorry), Jim Pryor and any others I am forgetting about. I'm sorry if I left your name off. Like I said before, a few hiccups but the team pulled together and it went off very well -- at least from our perspective.

If you are at the Columbus show at Vets Memorial tomorrow -- Sunday -- drop by and say hello!


Anonymous said...

Excellent, excellent show. Haven't been to one in years.

Sold one & bought one on day one - good stuff. Couldn't make day two, but I intend to be at the next one in November.

And, it was nice to chat with you, Brent, if only for a moment.

A, Esq.

Brent Greer said...

A, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, as well!