03 August 2008

Do Celebs Truly Aid Presidential Candidates?

Not firearm related, but an interesting take on the U.S. presidential campaign. This will be the one and ONLY time TRL looks at celebrity gossip. Frankly, it seems more people appear to care about the lawsuits between Brittany Spears' dad, mom and Brittany friend Sam Lufti, and her custody battle with what's-his-name, than care about the future of the United States culture, security and prosperity.

Anyway, ABC News takes an interesting look at whether celebrities help or hurt presidential candidates.

Personally, I think both John McCain and Barack Obama have done a good enough job with "foot in mouth" disorder. McCain continues to struggle to appeal to the conservative base, while Obama is backing off so many of his earlier positions it makes Michelle's head spin.

It might be entertaining for at least a month-- just 30 days -- to retire the candidates' TV commercials and see their celeb surrogates slug it out.

A Heidi Montag-Young Jeezy vs. Oprah Winfrey-Barbara Streisand tag-team deathmatch? Winner take all?

Of course, it all begs the larger question. Does anyone care about celeb opinions and political endorsements.

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