12 August 2008

If You Live In Baltimore, Don't Go On Vacation . . .

"Gun owners in Baltimore whose firearms are stolen would be required to report the theft to police under legislation approved by the City Council yesterday - despite questions about whether the proposal is legal.

"Supporters, including Mayor Sheila Dixon, say the bill will help police track stolen weapons used in crimes, but the city's law department has questioned whether Baltimore can legislate gun control, typically a state issue."


It appears, also, that if you are on vacation when your home is burglarized, and are not even aware that your firearms have been stolen (and, of course, have not filed the appropriate "stolen gun" paperwork), you are in violation of this law.

At least the law director gets it.

Very sad. Politicians with too much time on their hands doing the bidding of fringe groups. And in this case, breaking the law, to criminalize the actions (or, the "not-fast-enough-action-to-suit-the-do-gooders) of otherwise law abiding taxpayers.

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