03 August 2008

Anti's SHOCKED That Pro-Gun 'Mole' Worked In Their Midst

Frankly, I am shocked . . . SHOCKED . . . that the anti-gun folks are shocked.

I have sat in many meetings over the years, local, regional and national, where we knew there were"plants" from the anti-gun groups seated with us. Taking notes, taking part in discussions, asking opinions, and more boldly, asking about strategy. That is why "family business," as I refer to it, is discussed with those you most closely trust.

Both sides do it. Get over it.

This whining by States United to Prevent Gun Violence is really to distract from the fact that fewer and fewer Americans -- and lawmakers, for that fact (and the Supreme Court) -- are paying attention to their intellectually bankrupt arguments.

As the wizard told Dorothy and her buddies on the way to Oz, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." In this case, it's more like, "pay no attention to the fact that the courts and lawmakers agree that gun control doesn't work . . . SOMEONE IS SPYING ON US."

Geez . . .

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