18 August 2008

Real Estate Agent Glad 2A, Heller Decision Are Out There

I work in commercial/investment real estate. Andn any street anywhere can be dangerous.

The story link takes you to the story of a man who, with his wife, had finished showing some investors property that was for sale. What happened later that night is a testament to the importance of the Supreme Court's Heller decision for every American.

Here's a taste:

"On June 28, only two days after the Supreme Court announced its 5-4 ruling
that Washington, D.C., citizens have the right to bear arms under the Second
Amendment to the Constitution, I found myself standing in a pool of blood in
York, from a man I had just shot. It was not my intent that evening to test the
Second Amendment or kill somebody, but events unfolded to make it necessary for
me to draw my weapon to defend myself and others."

Read it. Pass it on.

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