23 August 2008

Obama Picks Biden

UPDATED: Saturday, August 23, 2008, 10:46 am -- An interesting analysis on the Biden VP pick. Why "the candidate of change" has chosen the ultimate Washington "insider" is raising some eyebrows. Some say it shows weakness.

Sen. Barack Obama has tapped Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate on the democrat presidential ticket.

Biden, a perennial presidential candidate himself over the years, is long on foreign policy experience, an area Obama is lacking.

On the Second Amendment, Biden is as much of a disaster as Obama. Biden has advocated keeping in place the discredited and ineffective ban on so-called "assault weapons," and has been a supporter of those who want to "close" the mythical gun show "loophole." He has also voted against increasing penalties for criminals who commit gun and drug crimes.

Ironically, Biden has championed women’s safety in the past, passing bills "that protect women from domestic violence and discrimination in the workplace." But the domestic violence legislation he has supported has been about creating more "pieces of paper" to increase penalties for domestic violence. He won't, however, support legislation that would more readily enable women to protect themselves with a firearm.

All in all -- this is an anti-Second Amendment, anti-self defense presidential ticket if ever there was one.

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