18 October 2007

Another Anti-Gun Journalist Finally Gets It

Matt Petryni, a columnist at the Oregon Daily Emerald, the independent student newspaper at the University of Oregon, has penned an interesting piece this week on how, after thinking it through, he believes the individual right to keep and bear arms is necessary. Early last week, I wrote of another liberal writer and scholar, Jonathan Turley, who also has had a change of heart on this issue. I love when trends like these bunch together. While I disagree with Mr. Petryni's thoughts on firearms for self defense and hunting, he tried to back up his opinions with more background. Though he does have the hunting position incorrect (there IS a need for hunting for conservation purposes, if not for food, in this nation), he has thought the purpose for the Framers' words all the way through. Click on the headline of this post for his full commentary, which appeared in the ODE's October 16 edition.

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