10 October 2007

A Closing Thought On The Day

Here is a closing thought for the day. The words are from Col. Jeff Cooper, the marksman, teacher and eloquent, but plain spoken writer.

"Those citizens, both salesmen and customers, who quibble about the cost of guns seem to have lost sight of an important element in the discussion. It is this: a firearm is a permanent posession. Unlike almost anything else you can name, a good gun which you acquired in your youth will last you throughout your lifetime and that of your child. Seen in that light, your personal firearm can hardly ever be "too expensive." A steak dinner is too expensive. A bottle of champagne is too expensive. But not your gun. In a short time those other things will exist only in your memory, but if you take care of it your gun will be as good as it was the first day you touched it. That is the reason why the feeling we shooters have for our weapons approaches the mystic. Those other people do not understand this. We would explain it to them if they would listen."

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