08 October 2007

Why Call This Blog "The Ready Line"?

I had the template for this blog, its name, and description, up for a few hours before I published my first post regarding GRPC. In that short time I received no fewer than 5 emails from new readers (who apprently cruise the Net looking at new blogs) asking me, "what the heck does the title mean?" Why call it The Ready Line?

"The Ready Line" is a phrase used in shooting competitions to describe, quite literally, the line behind which you take inventory of, and ready your equipment prior to engaging in the actual contest several yards ahead at "The Firing Line." It is also the line behind which non-shooters must remain.

So why not name this blog "The Firing Line," or something like that? Because while the data this blog will ultimately contain, and the knowledge that will be provided and exchanged, will take aim at those who attempt to take away a woman's right to choose how she wants to defend herself, it is mostly about being ready at all times.

The arms war in the U.S. can really be compared to a giant chess match. It is about thinking about the issue and challenges, and planning your strategy and tactics, some 5 to 10 moves in advance. It is about being able to observe, discuss, relate, think, explain, debate and act. It is about being "ready." And you can't fire -- literally at a target, or figuratively at the anti's and unenlightened politicians -- unless you are prepared.

Unless you are ready.

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