25 October 2007

A Comment On Comments

If you have attempted to comment on one of these posts, you might have noticed a statement that "commenting" is moderated. This is not to censor anyone. Far from it. I have received around a dozen emails asking about this. The information in this web log is for education, and to stimulate intellectually-honest discussion. Unfortunately, the way Blogger is set up, if I do not screen comments, spam comments will show up. You would be amazed at what was posted as comments early in the life of The Ready Line. Some was similar to the spam that fills your email in-box -- promoting everything from replica watches to organ "enhancement" pills to Nigerian government officials needing help moving money across international borders. There also are some presidential candidates who have leagues of net-savvy volunteers. These well-meaning people sometimes comment on everything in order to promote their favorite politician's name and website. Of most concern, some of the problem spam leaves malicious links that can be used to capture personal information from unwary readers. And, once on, comments -- no matter how malicious -- are virtually impossible to remove without deleting the entire post.

I don't like deleting posts. So, I initiated the screening process. You can leave an anonymous comment. Or leave your name. The bottom line is this . . . please feel free to comment on these posts, whether whether written by myself, other "irregular" contributors, or on the links to other stories discussing the Second Amendment and the basic human right of self defense. As I stated earlier, the purpose of The Ready Line is to facilitate an online discussion of truths, myths, real-life examples and the protection of that single amendment to the Bill of Rights that protects the other nine.

Thank you for your continued support.

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