16 October 2007

'Money, Guns & God'

Conde Nast Portfolio has a perplexing piece in its October 2007 edition on the Unification Church, a profile of one of the sons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Justin Moon, and his founding of Kahr Arms. It is written by an admittedly anti-gun New Yorker (why do magazines continue to send writers who are afraid of guns to cover gun stories?). I'm not sure whether they are attacking the "moonies" or guns (well, they definitely are attacking guns), or worse, shamelessly trying to scare readers into believing that not only are guns bad, but that the young man who may one day head the Unification Church owns a gun factory. Click on the post headline to read the entire story, which discusses the founding of Kahr, Moon's far-flung empire, and lawsuits by the Brady Campaign.

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