10 October 2007

Ted Nugent Describes How Gun Owners Will Suffer If Hillary Is Elected Prez

On Monday, national radio host Glenn Beck had as one of his guests legendary rock and roll guitarist -- AND legendary Second Amendment supporter -- Ted Nugent. It was a great interview. Nugent leads off the conversation with the following: "I'm calling you from a beautiful Texas campfire at a hunting camp here in Albany, Texas, campfires, cops, heroes, military, plumbers, welders and teachers and ranchers and guitar players and we all carry guns and we can't imagine how a human being of consciousness, a human being of goodwill and decency and certainly independence and knowledge and an understanding of good over evil would ever go forth in this world in a known and intentional unarmed helplessness." Click on the headline of this post to read the full transcript. Its enlightening, and of course, entertaining as only Ted Nugent can be.

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