09 October 2007

New Big Darby Shooting Range Targeted By Supposedly Super-Secret Research Facility

Battelle, the giant research organization based in Columbus, Ohio, and inventor (or improver) of such things as the Xerox copying process, ways to use high-pressure water jets to improve efficiency and reduce waste when peeling potatoes -- and all things super-duper secret when it comes to deep, dark government projects -- doesn't like the fact that a very nice, high-end gun club has opened up down the road. In rural West Jefferson, west of Columbus, the Big Darby Creek Shooting Range is now open for business and is growing in popularity. A multi-million dollar facility, Big Darby Creek is suddenly being targeted by Battelle, which runs a not-so-top-secret laboratory facility nearby. Seems the company, which manages nuclear research facilities in a handful of U.S. facilities for the Department of Energy, is quietly pressuring township trustees and Madison County officials to rescind the club's zoning status. The reason? Battelle is reportedly unnerved that people with guns are congregating nearby.

This one is going to heat up and could get very ugly, folks. Battelle has a few skeletons in its closet regarding the West Jeff facility. Stay tuned!

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In the Madison Press, June 16, 2010:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

By Kevin Dye
Staff Writer

A local shooting range is now in the position of sweating bullets to stay in business after claims that bullets from the range have found their mark across a major roadway and onto another company’s property. The dangerous situation was brought to light in Madison County Common Pleas Court on Monday.

The Battelle Memorial Institute, 505 King Ave. in Columbus, filled a lawsuit in Madison County Common Pleas Court on June 14, asking for a temporary and permanent injunction against Big Darby Creek Shooting Range LLC, which is located at 8875 Middle Pike Road in West Jefferson. Battelle alleges that the shooting range operations are negligent and are a safety hazard to their employees, visitors and contractors at Battelle’s Hazardous Materials and Biomedical Research Center located at 1425 Plain City-Georgesville Road (also a part of state Route 142) in West Jefferson.