11 October 2007

Fantastic Video, Music To Start The Weekend

Yes, I know it's only Friday (well actually its nearly midnight Thursday). Still, for many the weekend starts on Friday. And this vid really pulls at the heartstrings of everyone I know who has seen it. It is not about firearms or politics. It features performance artist Michael Israel, whose performance is called, aptly, "Michael Israel's Art In Concert." You have to see it . . . a description from me would not do it justice. So sit back for a few minutes, and watch this artistic genius on stage, accompanied by a couple of very popular songs. If you have even a hint of a patriotic bone in your body, it will give you chills and make you sit up and take notice. Click on the post headline to see the video, which is posted to YouTube.

1 comment:

Michael Israel said...

Thanks for your kind comments Brent. I'm in Denver today doing a fundraiser for the Denver Police Protective Association. I've spend a lot of years branding the name "Art In Concert" so I will be grateful if you will refer to my work Michael Israel's Art in Concert. Thanks again.

Warmest regards,

Michael Israel