25 October 2007

Brady Campaign Is Lauding Joe Biden's 'Comprehensive' Crime Bill

Here it is again. The same old tired message. The same half-truths. Ban the so-called "assault weapons." And close the non-existent, so-called gun show loophole. The Brady Bunch's shrill message is unchanged. And not unexpectedly, they are applauding Sen. Joe Biden's latest proposed bill.

Here's an idea. If we have background checks for all firearms sold at gun shows, then I demand that there be background checks on all people who purchase an automobile in a private transaction. And driver's tests. All the used car ads in the nation's newspapers? No need to ban the advertisements . . . but there have to be background checks and drivers exams prior to any private transaction.

Why???? It's simple. Cars kill. Cars kill tens of thousands of people annually. To be specific, cars killed 43,443 people on the nation’s highways in 2005, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Using the argument of "reasonable" regulation (frequently used to advocate stricter gun control), and understanding the implications of these devastating statics, clearly no one can possibly argue against the reasonableness of holding automobile manufacturers responsible, and then ultimately banning cars altogether.


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