08 October 2007

Dave Hardy Raves About GRPC

Dave Hardy, who writes a blog called "Of Arms and the Law," noted in a post today that he read one of John Lott's books on the plane on his return from GRPC 2007 in Cincinnati. I have skimmed the book, but have not had the chance to read it from cover to cover.

Hardy notes the following: In one chapter Lott writes of "how the homicide rate in Baghdad, where we let everyone except insurgents have a full auto AK-47 in their home or business, is lower than that of DC, where guns are tightly controlled. (And he has a followup article rebutting claims that Baghdad has more homicides, pointing out that the MSM who carried that story used stats that included in the Iragi homicides insurgents killed by the US, people killed in car crashes, etc., basically all deaths other than disease). I know I probably got the city's spelling wrong, no time now to correct it."

Nicely written Dave! Lott's presentation during the Saturday noon luncheon (pinch-hitting for the NRA's Wayne LaPierre, who was ill and could not make it), was a home run. He has many things to say. The man is not a politician . . . he is a statistician. As one pundit put it a long time ago, "facts are a funny thing." And Lott drives the antis nuts because he doesn't look at crime and guns through a political lens. He lets pure data drive the engine of a study.

Anyway, check out Dave Hardy's blog if you get time. I have it linked to the headline of this post.

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