21 October 2007

PRO-Gun Republican, Son of Indian Immigrants, Wins Lousiana Governorship

Bobby Jindal, the 36-year-old immigrant son of parents who came to the United States from India, has won the governor's race in Lousiana with 53 percent of the vote. This pro-gun republican, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, defeated two multi-millionaires who had lobbied hard for the office. He ran for the office four years ago but lost to Kathleen Blanco. Blanco, a democrat, decided not to run for re-election in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, where Blanco's office is blamed for poor management of the rebuilding process acorss the state. Jindal is probably best known as the sponsor of a bill in Congress, later passed into law and signed by President George W. Bush, that prohibits law enforcement authorities from confiscating firearms from otherwise law abiding individuals during a state of emergency. Several states have passed similar laws, based in Jindal's model language. Ohio lawmakers are considering such a bill. These laws are the direct result of thousands of New Orleans-area residents being disarmed, their self-defense firearms confiscated and in some instances, destroyed, during the days that followed Hurricane Katrina. Read the full story from the Associated Press.

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