29 October 2007

Memo To The Washington Post

Well the Washington Post strikes again. This time with an attack on lawful firearms ownership and guns shows via a suggestion that U.S. guns are the reason for drug cartel-related in Mexico. Yessir, those American guns levitated themselves, transported themselves out of our homes and off our hips, headed south of the border, and started killing Mexicans left and right. Yeah, right. Memo to the Post editors: Dateline Mexico City -- CRIMINALS are killing police officials in Mexico! -30- Click on the post headline for the Post article.

Postscript: Great statement on Alphecca blog regarding this same news story. In Alphecca author Jeff Soyer's words, "Actually, it’s the drug cartels in Mexico that are behind the killings but guns are easier to blame. Time to get that 800 mile wall built!"

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