29 October 2007

'Appleseed' Shoot A Great Lesson in History, Practical Skills

Chris Knox of the Firearms Coalition has a great writeup on his first visit to an Appleseed Shoot. The Appleseed Project, organized by a group called the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, is a series of shooting events designed to find or create facilities and resources to allow every able and willing citizen to learn to shoot a rifle safely and well, and to do so close to home. They are being held in different parts of the U.S. and interest is growing exponentially. Chris penned a very thoughtful closing statement upon reflection of his day at this particular event:

"I had one of the most intense educational experience of my life this past weekend" . . . . "By becoming riflemen we honor those who gave us what we have. By reviving the tradition of riflery in this country, we strengthen the insurance policy that the Second Amendment represents."

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Anonymous said...

I did not have the pleasure to be at that Appleseed Shoot, and to meet Chris Knox, but I have been involved with the Appleseed program for over a year.

This is a great grass roots effort to improve the rifle marksmanship of today's rifle owner and to reconnect them to the Rifleman Heritage that is a corner stone in the founding of this nation.

If you would like to learn more, go to www.appleseedinfo.org

funfaler/RWVA Staff