10 October 2007

Brother Cuddy On The Framers, Citizenship, and Responsibility

When Jude Cuddy, whom I referenced in a couple of earlier posts, gets on a roll, he gets on a roll! A close friend, he is a family man who generally keeps to himself, indulges in his long-time passion for competitive shooting, and is a true contributor to society. But when Jude finds time to write, his passion for our independence is matched by few. He shared the following with me today and I want to share it with you.

"Here are my thoughts from behind the berm:

'Education, Citizenship and Responsibility'

"It is always said that when you are discussing the star athlete who wants to break into the professional ranks that this individual would do well to remain in school - as it will "serve you the rest of your life." Athletic skill is fleeting, and you are only one play away from ending your career.

"This is the education we all owe ourselves regardless of our chosen endeavor. The skills that "cannot be taken away." As citizens of this great republic, we must all be engaged and informed. Being a good citizen in the privacy of your home is not practicing good citizenship. Being involved in civil discourse, voting, knowing who represents you, etc ., are all part of the process. Without such knowledge you can and will be led around by the nose.

"Take the basic concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has a duty and obligation to defend the life bestowed upon them. A reasonable man (and women are certainly inclusive) should venture into the world prepared to protect this gift. The "State" has no obligation to protect individuals, only the community at large. So it is up to you. Being conditioned to call 9-1-1 when you are in a pickle is not being responsible to yourself and your family. Abdicating your personal safety to a public servant is not sound.

"The thinking athlete knows the education he obtained will serve him over the course of a lifetime - long after he ceases to throw, catch and run. A citizen should also embrace his education - in civics, in language, in the manipulation of firearms. Consider it a life skill, such as swimming, riding a bike or navigating small watercraft. This cannot be taken away, and our friends who are fearful of those who "keep and bear" arms realize as much. They are jealous with rage you have an education in firearms, and indignant about your efforts to master the subject.

"Their aim is to relieve you of the instruments that enable you to exercise this duty - the textbooks, if you will, of an education in firearms. The skills to engage a given target in a matter of seconds - the adage that "If you can see it you can hit it" does not sit well with the socialists in this country. If you have these skills you are considered a liability and a menace to the agenda of certain political "leaders." With the ability to defend yourself you are not so easy to manipulate.

"The Framers could see into the future as they studied all forms of governance throughout history, adopting the best of each. They also mixed in some hard facts about human nature and the tendencies of those in power to abuse their position. Put citizenship into practice. Learn how to shoot - an education that "cannot be taken away." Not only will it serve you for your lifetime, but it will effectively counter the only true enemy of firearms -- rust and politicians."

Jude T. Cuddy

Amen, Brother . . . Amen.

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