12 October 2007

Mayoral 'Wanna-be' Bill Todd's Commercials Have Tongues Wagging

Mayor Mike Coleman's minions in the Columbus, Ohio media are beginning to write about how "awful" mayoral challenger Bill Todd's new advertisement is. Read what Columbus Dispatch columnist Ann Fisher has to say about the Todd promotions by clicking on this post's headline. The commercials feature the sound of a woman whimpering, and the sound of gunfire, to illustrate the crime problems that have festered in Ohio's largest city. Todd drew flack from Coleman at a Columbus Metropolitan Club debate last week by saying that criminals -- and not enough cops on the street -- are the problem, not guns. Coleman, in a monotone, stated that he feels guns are everywhere, and too easy to get, and THAT is the reason for crime. (Note to Mr,. Coleman: Abercrombie & Fitch, Western Auto, Sears, and local hardware stores no longer carry firearms. THOSE were the days when guns were easy to find.)

Coleman, facing the first challenge in years to his post during an election campaign, is having to spend big bucks to run commercials. I wouldn't say Coleman's campaign is scared, for Todd has a long way to go to win Election Night. But Camp Coleman is being forced to spend money early that it would rather keep in the coffers until just prior to the campaign.

As for Todd's commercials? People are talking about them. And that is what Todd wants.

Note: Columnist Fisher has posted to her blog responses from readers about her column.

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