24 October 2007

More Stink in New York

A couple weeks ago I wrote of how while NYC Mayor Bloomberg is busy blaming other states' firearms laws for his own crime problem, that in his own backyard there was some serious stink a'brewing. Anti-gun NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer also knows that things are getting hot in his neighborhood and the police union in the New York state capitol is doing all it can to throw more egg on its own face.

Seems the illicit purchase of full-out machine guns by police in New York was looked at by BATF a few years ago. They passed on an investigation, though they will go to the ends of the Earth to prosecute a lawful firearms dealer who misspells a word. Here is the latest: The Albany Police Officers Union is attempting to shield from public scrutiny the names of officers who participated in the illegal purchases. Click here for the full story. David Codrea, who writes the blog War On Guns, has his take as well. Click here to read David's commentary on the matter.

Here's my opinion, for what it's worth: Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Spitzer . . . your investigators should be turning their lenses inward toward the Empire State. You've got a huge mess in your own sandbox. Your credibility with respect to other states' gun laws is zero.

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