16 October 2007

REMINDER: Wednesday Hearing in Ohio Senate on Castle Doctrine/No Duty To Retreat Bill

Senate Bill 184, Ohio's so-called "Castle Doctrine" bill, has its first hearing on Wednesday, October 16, in the Ohio General Assembly before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Criminal Justice. Go to the Buckeye Firearms Association overview of this bill, which more appropriately should be called "No Duty To Retreat" legislation. The companion legislation in the Ohio House of Representatives is House Bill 264. The Senate Committee hearing, which will feature sponsor-only testimony from Sen. Steve Buehrer, starts at 10:15 am. Committee Chair Tim Grendell is a friend of Peoples Rights Organization and Buckeye Firearms Association. He is expected to push for approval of this long-overdue, common sense legislation. If you can, stop down to the Ohio Statehouse to show your support of this citizen safety legislation.

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