21 March 2008

'The Bloomberg Collection'

Updated: Saturday, March 22, 2008, 1:46 pm -- The New York Daily News has a story on Mr. Bloomberg's "outrage."

A Wisconsin company has come out with a line of custom paint colors for firearms, called "The Bloomberg Collection." Jabbing back at New York's "Mayor Mike" and his constant, and often less than truthfull crusade against a lawful firearms industry, there is a paint color for every New York City borough. "Mayor Mike" outlawed gun paint in the city, and has convinced the MSM that he has long opposed such material (even though this issue has only surfaced in the past few months).

There is even a tiny image of Mayor Michael Bloomberg available to put on the barrel. The product, ABC News says, has Bloomberg "seeing red."

The antis say they are disgusted with the company's new product line. But then these same gun control and gun confiscation types have repeatedly turned a blind-eye toward firearms owners' disgust at the outright lies and misrepresentations coming from Mr. Bloomberg and his anti self-defense cabal. People speaking for police say police are outraged. The Wisconsin company says a large volume of its customer base is law enforcement officers.

To the firing range owner who won't sell the product, that's your choice. He and the Wisconsin company representative are right when they say that if anyone aims a painted gun at an LEO, that they are taking a huge risk.

But as for not wanting the carry the paint product, that's alright. That's what's cool about a free country. Choice. I'll bet you didn't know I'm pro-choice. Yes, I choose to exercise the basic human right of self defense. If the firearm is banana yellow, or a nice crimson (or even scarlet and gray?), that's my choice.

Okay, I can't ever see myself ever owning or carrying a yellow firearm. That's just bizarre . . .

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