29 March 2008

Political Correctness Run Amok In Dallas

"At the decade's dawn, Dallasites could smoke in restaurants, walk their dogs without carrying a pooper-scooper and stroll through downtown or South Dallas without being monitored by police video cameras. Children, meanwhile, were free to run through parks playing with their toy six-shooters. Homeless people could beg for money at will.

"Today, no more – the Dallas City Council has since deemed such actions illegal and subject to stiff fines.

"And when the council members passed an ordinance last month banning motorists from calling or texting on their cellphones while driving through school zones, some Dallasites said the decision represented a larger trend toward government "nannyism," in which well-intentioned politicians end up treading on individuals' liberties. City records also indicate that many of these laws, designed to improve residents' quality of life, are rarely enforced."

Firearms owners complaints about the nanny-state have long gone ignored by the larger public, and media.

Until now, apparently . . .

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