31 March 2008

The Looming Long Hot Summer

Updated: Monday, March 31, 2008, 9:36 am -- In what must be a crushing blow to the Clintons, a number of prominent democrats are stepping forward and uniting behind Sen. Barack Obama in order to preserve some scrap of party unity.

No, this isn't an ad for Al Gore's latest documentary. Not that I am even aware whether he is making another.

No, this is about democrats and the infighting that is paralyzing their efforts to field a candidate and push toward the November election. Democracy at its best? Yes. Paralysis for a party that wants to take back control of the White House? Without question.

Hillary is having money problems, amid growing calls for the New York senator to drop out of the race. In the meantime, a handful of republicans have suggested the future lies with Barack Obama (though Lincoln Chaffee INMO is a republican in name only).

And in something that Mr. Obama probably hoped would never see light, reports have surfaced this morning that his handwriting has been found on a candidate's questionnaire that his campaign previously denied he had ever seen. He may have helped craft liberal positions on a number of issues, including gun control.

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