18 March 2008

LA Times Photo A Fake?

Word is spreading that the Los Angeles Times photo on Page One, illustrating the DC v. Heller story Monday morning, is a fake. That is, the photographer was duped by a kid on the street.

In fact, the LA Times has removed the photo from the online version of its March 17 story, and posted the following statement:

FOR THE RECORD:An earlier online version of this article was accompanied by a photo described as showing an illegal handgun held by a 14-year-old in southeast Washington, D.C. The Associated Press is checking on the authenticity of the gun shown.

Read the following from Paul Huebl, a former Chicago LEO and current private investigator.

"The gun and several like it were manufactured in the early 1960’s in Germany. These guns were no longer made or sold when aerosol spray cans were found to be far superior tear gas delivery system to these tear gas pistols. The RTS was never considered a firearm by ATF It was freely imported, unrestricted and sold by mail and available in American novelty shops."
He states quite assuredly that the "gun" in question (allegedly in the hands of a 14-year-old on the streets of DC), is a German made RTS tear gas delivery device that uses a small amount of gunpowder to deliver CN powder to an attacker.

Clearly, the Los Angeles newspaper now isn't sure. Anyone out there who loves research, knows obscure firearms, and can track this down to verify? Just to help the LA Times and all?

For the journalists?

h/t to Clayton Cramer

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Crimefile said...

Since it's not a firearm its not listed in any books that I've seen.