26 March 2008

When You Can't Spin The Argument, Change Your Language

Claiming they were "gun safety" experts only worked for a few months. The gun controllers abandoned that . . .

Then came the intentional confusion of the public and MSM with the "assault weapon/assault rifle" language. That worked for a while. But Congress realized the 10-year ban on certain competition rifles did nothing to impact crime, so it was allowed to sunset. And, as was to be expected, there was no AW bloodbath as so many anti self defense and anti-gun politicians and foundations shrilly predicted.

The public mood after the brutal terrorist attacks of 9-11 has been more favorable to firearms rights and self defense. Even after shootings at Virginia Tech, Louisiana Tech and Northern Illinois University, there has been a sea change of attitude toward loosening bans on firearms on campuses that currently put kids, staff and professors at risk due to bans on life-saving self-defense sidearms. A different kind of progressive thinking, for a change.

So now we see yet another change in tactics. Once again playing the word game . . .

It is no longer "assault rifles" the public must fear (since they don't), but "Cop Killing Guns."

Here is a sample from the CNN story:

"The guns confiscated included AK-47 rifles and dozens of Fabrique National pistols. The semiautomatic pistols fire a 5.7-by-28 millimeter round, which is technically a rifle round, according to the ATF. Newell says the round has a special nickname in Mexico. "It's called 'mata policias,' or 'cop killer,' " he says."
The real target is competition rifles, but the story leads off with fearmongering about the Barrett 50. I would look for far more stories in the coming months -- particularly leading into the November presidential race -- about "cop killing guns."

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