15 March 2008

Donate Your Old Holsters

About a month ago, I had a conversation with one of the leaders of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus here in Ohio, Mark Noble. He described the need for holsters for future campus protests.

It seems there are students who own firearms, but have left them "back home," wherever home is, because they are not allowed to possess them in their college or university housing. As such, they left their holsters behind, also. But these same kids want to participate future SCCC demonstrations.

A great idea, which Ahab wrote about, is to issue a plea to firearms owners to donate your old holsters to SCCC.

The next national protest is the week of April 21-25. These kids are making a nation take notice and have garnered the interest of many who, until recently, took their safety on campus for granted. With the tragic incidents at Virginia Tech, Louisiana Tech and Northern Illinois University, an rapidly increasing number of students are insisting that campus security bills be passed in a number of states, allowing them to carry a concealed firearm at school.

Keeping our kids safe makes sense, right? Sort of dovetails with the personal responsibility thing that responsible parents teach their children.

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