31 March 2008

Laws and Legislation Should Punish The Criminal, Not The Law Abiding

"There are a lot of things in this country that can and are misused. What’s the total cost to society of alcoholic beverages? Lost days at work, crime and rape committed under the influence? Spousal abuse? DUI highway killings? Medical problems (and attendant costs to society) with prolonged misuse? A better case could be made for a ban on alcohol. Been there, tried that. Didn’t work.

"Neither will a ban on some or all firearms. Instead, just as driving under the influence has been reduced — somewhat! — by stricter enforcement by law enforcement and harsher sentences, so too, crime can be reduced by putting thugs who use guns criminally into prison for a very long time."

Jeff Soyer at Alphecca notes how more people are emerging who will say they support every American's right to own a firearm for hunting, sport shooting and (gasp) even self defense. But they draw the line at a black rifle. No one needs a competition rifle, they will say (well, they'll call it an AW).

Jeff observes that ANY firearm is an assault weapon if it is used criminally.

I concur.

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