25 March 2008

Gun Control Sentiments Changing in DC, Boston

Updated: Tuesday, March 25, 2008, 11:50 pm -- An Examiner editorial calls the DC gun searches "half-cocked." Further, the editors state the following: "District officials appear to believe their own antipathy to guns outweighs all those pesky concerns about whether the Constitution empowers their confiscations."

Even though the guns they take away today may turn out to be perfectly legal under the Constitution.

Still, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty says it is critical the District maintain its ability to outlaw firearms. Outlaw? Doesn't that statement rather conflict with DC's claims that not all guns are outlawed there. Just handguns. Hmmm . . .

There is significant opposition from residents in Boston and Washington DC, where police have instituted door-to-door warrantless searches for firearms. These programs were announced several months ago with great fanfare. Apparently, residents there are having second thoughts about police in those cities barging in and nosing around.

Well, that is, if you invite them in to search . . .

Glenn Reynolds notes the following: "I guess the D.C. government fears it will lose in Heller and wants one last power-trip before it's too late. But if the gun-control had worked, why would they need to be confiscating them now?"

A story about Boston's program, where police are surprised by opposition from residents. DUH!

And a story on the the new DC door-to-door "voluntary searches" for illegal guns. What? Wait a minute . . . they're already illegal. What's the purpose of looking in people's homes?

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Harry Schell said...

Well, so the local petty tyrants in Boston and DC are taken aback that the sheep are uncooperative!

Maybe they don't understand the problem(s) as well as they think they do and that the people don't share their self-approval of them as action heroes saving us from ourselves.

And we want these clowns to manage our healthcare?