25 March 2008

In Case You Missed It

In case you missed it, pro-gun New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson late last week endorsed the pro individual 2A rights, yet anti-gun presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

Some democrats, particularly supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions, are calling Richardson at traitor. Worse, dem strategist James Carville called Richardson a "Judas," saying Richardson betrayed Sen. Clinton.

Of course, if Gov. Richardson is such a big gun rights supporter, the fact that he is endorsing a gun control extremist like Sen. Obama has some firearms rights advocates wondering the same thing.

Confused yet?

1 comment:

Harry Schell said...

Richardson is looking for another job to continue supping at the public trough. He has no other skills, and Obama would be easier to fool and stay employed than Hillary.

As to his support for 2A, his personal employment needs are far more important.