15 March 2008

Double-Talk From Candidate Obama On Gun Control

Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is getting some heat by Hillary Clinton's campaign, and others, for non-answers. His latest on gun control from an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review newspaper.

Here's a sample, when asked about gun control:

"I think it is important for us to strengthen our ability to trace guns that have been used in crimes to gun dealers to make sure they are not operating in an illegal way. I think it’s possible to reconcile the tradition of gun ownership, and the rights of sportsmen, hunters and those who want to protect their families, with keeping handguns that are used in crime off the streets."

He makes it sound so simple, until you look at the bills he has supported, both at the federal level and when he was a member of the Illinois legislature. Read his words carefully . . . if they sound familiar, you will have heard or read them before from the Brady and VPC playbooks.

Even better, Snowflakes In Hell has side-by-side translations of Sen. Obama's statement, with the code revealed using his super-secret decoder ring. Message to Sebastian: The senator will not be happy about you revealing the rings' existence. Keep your head down, man.

Oh, and BTW, this is the first time I am aware of that Mr. Obama has addressed the need people have to keep firearms for self-protection. Usually he goes on and on about hunters and sportsmen. Or should he be saying "sportspeople." I guess his advisers haven't told him about the gobs of women joining the shooting ranks for sport or self defense. Or the fact that the shooting sports continues to grow.

Hmmm . . . I probably shouldn't say "gob" in the same breath as "women," should I?

h/t to Alphecca.

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