28 March 2008

Pennsylvania Prez Debate Could Find Candidates Fired Up About Firearms

"When Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton square off in an April 16 debate in Philadelphia, they may be forced to spend time discussing an issue neither has talked much about in this campaign: gun control. April 16 will mark one year since the murder of 32 students at Virginia Tech, the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history.

" . . . For the candidates, gun control will be thrust on the table suddenly and unavoidably."

Interestingly, both have now come out and said they support the Second Amendment. But that the right is subject to "reasonable" restrictions (there's that "R" word again), whatever that means.

The full piece is available at National Journal.

Personally, I hope someone during the debate (a question from the audience perhaps?) brings up the strong Students for Concealed Carry on Campus movement that has picked up across the nation. But with CBS News' Katie Couric leading the questioning, I am not hopeful.

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