28 March 2008

Nearly Three-Quarters of Americans Say 2A Guarantees Individual Right To Own Firearms

According to Gallup (note, not a blogger, not a conservative, not the NRA), one of the most respected polling companies int he world, a solid majority of the U.S. public -- 73 percent -- believes the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the rights of Americans to own guns.


Anonymous said...

Interesting poll, glad you posted it, but... so what?? That's the whole beauty of the Constitution - other than the arduous task of amending it, it's not subject to a popular vote!

If there's such grassroots support for firearms ownership, the constitutional right shouldn't matter that much, the people should demand firearms-friendly legislation from their state and national elected officials.

Brent Greer said...

Oh I agree entirely -- and am thankful that the Constitution isn't subject to a popular vote. It is good to know the sentiments of the American people. And we live in such a poll-driven society today. Questions like the 2A query are far more important than whether Americans think Britney Spears will get her kids back.

What is most educational, and has to be depressing for Sarah Brady, Paul Helmke, Josh Sugarmann, et al, is that when the question is asked each year, the percentage of Americans saying 2A is an individual right has been on the upswing. Thanks for your note!