24 March 2008

A Gunner's Guide To Waiting In Line At The Supreme Court

Updated: Monday, March 25, 2008, 10:27 pm -- Here is amateur video taken by the same individual the night before the Heller arguments. Much debate and discussino going on in the line outside the Supreme Court building. In one lengthy discussion, scholar Clayton Cramer and an unnamed anti 2A individual are discussing firearms rights. Or as the young lady suggests, the fact that judges who rule in favor of an individual right made some crazy decisions.

I envy all of you who could get to DC and be there to witness history. Even if you didn't get into the Court to witness the arguments. Just to be hanging around that line and chatting with like-minded folks on the eve of a historic argument was the opportunity of a lifetime.

From the first person in line at the Supreme Court, waiting to hear the DC v. Heller arguments.

Great commentary, complete with photos.

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