26 March 2008

Incrementalism 101

The anti gun folks are experts at incrementalism. You cannot argue with this. They have spent decades nibbling away at every American's 2A rights bit by bit. Try as we might, America is not going to gain back its rights with one sweeping court case, or with one giant piece of legislation.

With that said, it is not secret that Heller attorney Alan Gura has been pilloried by some for his machine gun comments before the Supreme Court during oral arguments last week on District of Columbia v Heller.

Sharp As A Marble has Gura's further explanation after the hearing as to why he said what he said. And some commentary. I, too, cringed when I heard his words on the audio broadcast of the hearing. But you cannot argue with the logic.

It is no secret that the solution is taking back what the Framers left to us, one court case, and one statehouse, at a time. Consider this a primer on Incrementalism.

Anyway, SAAM's post is worth the read.

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