17 March 2008

Ted Kennedy's New Move To Repeal The Tiahrt Amendment

In his own words:

"It’s a privilege to join my colleagues in supporting the “Firearms Information Use Act” to repeal the Tiahrt Amendment and lift the veil of secrecy that currently surrounds the flow of guns in our country. The Act will give law enforcement agencies the support they need to do their job, while protecting information about undercover officers, confidential informants, ongoing investigations, and lawful firearms purchasers. It’s a basic open-government measure that is critical for the public safety of communities across America."

Funny . . . law enforcement has no problem with the Tiahrt Amendment, and has said so repeatedly. Specifically, the BATF and Fraternal Order of Police support the amendment.
Read Sen. Kennedy's bull . . . oops, sorry. I meant to say you can read his full remarks, by clicking here.

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