17 March 2008

Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee Schedule

The Ohio's Senate Judiciary on Criminal Justice Committee will not meet as normally scheduled this week (March 19) or next (March 26), according to an announcement from committee chair Sen. Tim Grendell's office.

I know that the committee has been looking at other states for additional guidance on the No Duty To Retreat/Castle Doctrine legislation, SB 184. The proposal has come under new fire from Ohio's county prosecutor's who don't like that the current state law, under which if you use lethal force to defend yourself you are guilty until you prove your innocence, would be reversed. Under SB184's original language, a private citizen would be considered innocent even after using deady force to defend their very lives until the state proves them guilty. As a layperson this makes sense to most people.

But prosecutors would have to work a little harder. Which they don't want to do.

A substitute bill has been readied but has not yet been introduced.

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