17 March 2008

WaPo's Final Say On Heller Before Tomorrow's Arguments

The Washington Post had what I assume will be its final say on the DC v. Heller case in its Sunday edition yesterday.

" 'This may be one of the only cases in our lifetime when the Supreme Court is going to be interpreting the meaning of an important provision of the Constitution unencumbered by precedent,'' said Randy E. Barnett, a constitutional scholar at the Georgetown University Law Center. 'And that's why there's so much discussion on the original meaning of the Second Amendment.' "

The full story is here.

BTW, the line to get into the Supreme Court building started queuing up Sunday at exactly 5:35 pm, according to ABC News.

The following quote from the ABC story is spot on: "There’s no precedent, no past Supreme Court cases, to guide them. The briefs are voluminous, but take wildly divergent positions. The justices literally will be writing on a blank slate. And people on both sides—those sitting in line outside and those listening at home--think it’s absolutely clear what they should write."

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