15 March 2008

This Will Be An Election For The Ages

For a lot of reasons, this presidential election will be one of the most important in a generation. Perhaps several generations. Issues of freedom, security, government interference, gun control (what's happening vs. what is or isn't being said), and more.

Even more, for policy wonks and long-time political watchers like myself, this is like having a ringside seat at a one-in-a-lifetime, for-all-the-marbles prize fight.

The latest? Some key democrat donors are talking about withholding future funding if the party doesn't work some things out. Then you have key advisers being thrown under the bus, or stepping away, clergy in the news, superdelegates resigning because they can't keep their pants zipped . . .

Like any cliffhanger, everyone keeps wondering what's going to happen next?

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