30 March 2008

Philadelphia Committee Passes Gun Control Bills

And apparently, each of the nine laws that now will be considered by the full Philadelphia City Council is in violation of Pennsylvania law.

One of the more bizarre requirements is that you register any firearm you own or lease, but there is no exemption if you keep your property outside the city limits or outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sebastian has links to each, and commentary on the matter.

Firearms owners faced a wide-ranging ban on competition rifles in Columbus a few years ago, with language very similar to that being considered in Philadelphia. This law also was largely crafted by Legal Community Against Violence, a collection of lawyers based in San Francisco working to export their brand of control to other parts of the nation. Columbus City Council passed the ordinance, even after an assistant city attorney admitted the measure would do absolutely nothing to control crime. The new law was made moot about a year later when Ohio lawmakers passed a general law putting all firearms regulation in the hands of the Ohio General Assembly.

These ordinances are for show only. I am in the process of following a case in Columbus that received no notoriety at the time, where a pretty bad dude violated a number of new prohibitions on the scary black rifle, and virtually all his "weapons violations" were dismissed or dropped before trial. The could have made an example of him, and demonstrated how well their new law worked. But they chose not to demonstrate their new laws in action.

And no, this story is not about "Maurice."

Firearms owners and supporters of the Constitution in Pennsylvania need to kill this proposal in Philadelphia now, lest it spread across the Keystone State.

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